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Customer Value


Driving future success with the insights to improve business process.

Insights to actively improve your relations with customers while adding value.

Proactively fulfilling customer needs by offering the right products and services at the right moment and actively managing the relations with your customers in all touchpoints will provide better experiences for customers. They will recommend you more often and customer lifetime value increases. We generate actionable insights from all possible data sources to help you achieve this. We understand the entire Customer Lifecycle from acquisition to retention and help you realize a customer-centric change.

Customer Acquisition

Attracting the right new clients is a business in itself. Understanding your current market position in terms of market performance (market share/penetration) and market needs is the starting point to identify attractive market segments and successfully acquire new customers.

Experience & Value Management

Dynamic diagnosis of the performance on the most important business drivers helps to focus and deliver actionable insights aimed at improving customer relations and experience in the most important touchpoints. Combine insights from customers, social and company data to drive action and increase value.

Customer Retention

Learning from and preventing churn is key to successful Lifecycle Management. Understand and act on the drivers of churn.

Customer Acquisition insights to attract new clients.

Acquisition Effect Measurement: AEM

Measure the ROI of acquisition efforts in different channels organizational divisions as the starting measure of Customer Lifetime Value and improving your marketing effectiveness.

Cross-Sell Identification: MORE

Define cross and upsell opportunities for growth with a thorough segmentation of your client base, and analysis of in-segment purchases.

Experience & Value Management insights helping you to improve customer service.

Closed Loop Feedback: CLF

Closed Loop Feedback delivers a continuous stream of feedback from our listening platform viewed through our highly actionable reporting platform. A highly experienced team helps make your program a success – both for your customers and for your internal organization.

Customer Feedback In-the-moment: NOW

Determine in-the-moment (on and offline) customer experience and analysis with easy online tooling. Identify NPS/CES scores and opportunities for improvement.

Customer Loyalty Assessment: LOYAL

Understand why customers stay or leave, using a combination of metrics to best chart customer experience and competitive positioning. Our consultancy, based on driver analysis, enables you to prioritize and take direct action.

Customer Contact Analysis: CONTACT

Analyze historical customer contacts to determine the effect on Customer Lifetime Value and identify new opportunities to improve your business performance.

Digital Platform Monitoring: DPM

Digital Platform Monitoring gathers both qualitative and quantitative data on your digital property’s visitors to measure motives & goals for visiting, customer experience and impact on relationship and loyalty and competitive differentiation.

Customer Retention insights that help you prevent churn.

Churn reduction program: SAVE

Proactive and reactive churn management, by building propensity models, presenting attractive ‘save- offers’ (aligned with customer value) and addressing churn reasons.

Churn reduction program: EXIT

Survey the customers that leave you and find out how to prevent others from doing the same. Use these insights to improve the customer experience and boost retention.