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Technology is at the heart of our business. MetrixLab is investing heavily in the continuous development of industry leading proprietary technology, systems and platforms to improve quality and efficiency of data collection, aggregation and analysis.


Global Audience Platform

MetrixLab’s Online Consumer Panel, OpinionBar, originates from 1999. Exceptional quality from our careful maintenance ensures superior response. OpinionBar has approximately 1 million members in Europe and over 1 million members in the US.  Additionally, to enhance capacity in the US we have a strategic relationship with the North American sample supplier, Precision Sample.



Device & Browser Agnostic Survey Platform

Today we are receiving frequent requests for in-the-moment, mobile only studies while still having many cases where a multi-device approach is a better fit. To fully support these client needs, we continue to invest in our proprietary platform to make our surveys as engaging and technologically advanced as possible. When a multi-screen approach is needed, we are able to leverage our responsive survey design. This approach allows surveys programmed on our proprietary platform to be responsive to and optimized for the consumer’s device. This allows us to create an engaging survey experience across all devices whether they are smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

Advanced Mobile Survey & Mission Platform

MetrixLab has pioneered mobile market research since 2007. During this time, we have done more than just convert existing surveys and solutions to the mobile platform. We’ve challenged ourselves to design mobile friendly, engaging surveys and re-imagine methodologies such as Discrete Choice and Max-Diff while maintaining the accuracy of results. We have also found news ways to connect with consumers in new spaces and times – to “watch” them interact with products in their home, see how they move through store aisles, and gain shopper insights where and when purchase decisions are made. Capturing rich media such as photos and videos has also allowed us to uncover richer insight and provide a more holistic perspective. Explore our Demo>>


Permission Based Geo-Validation

In-the-moment research is becoming more important as it is now easier to interview consumers in-context and where events occurs. To confirm the consumer is actually in the correct location, we leverage our permission based geo-validation technologies. These technologies utilize the capabilities of modern browsers and smartphones and allow researchers to screen consumers based on their location and confirm they are where we want them to be. This allows us to make use of location based missions and exercises and results in richer and more reliable data.


Social Analytics Platform

Our platform analyses unbiased online conversations from continuously growing social media outlets. We offer 95% data relevancy and quality rate which means no noise. We integrate our in-house built software with human analysis to derive insights from data that is relevant and accurately investigated. Leveraging marketing science our final reports deliver impactful insights from the vast universe of social data.

API Integration

Our comprehensive set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable us to use the technology you have now to meet the unique needs of your brand. In short, integrating MetrixLab analytics with any external or enterprise data store. So you can leverage our technology to meet the unique needs of your brand.




With more data becoming available and technology becoming ubiquitous through the use of mobile devices, the need for dashboards has become critical for brands large and small. MetrixLab interactive online dashboards help clients quickly disseminate consumer insights throughout the corporate team.

Big Data Analytics Platform

Data-integration including the technical compilation of research data, social media data and enterprise data. This process is repeatable and consistently adheres to privacy policies. The diagnostics we provide include a breakdown of performance on company and customer metrics: CLV, churn %, customer satisfaction, brand preference etc. A result of examining this ecosystem is that you receive actionable insights that explain the current situation, define the levers for performance improvement and include them into the rolling forecast cycle of your business planning process.