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Our Global Consumer Panel OpinionBar©

MetrixLab's Online Consumer Panel, called OpinionBar©, originates from 1999. At that time, we were one of the first companies to develop and build an Internet Research Panel for exclusive use. Our creative efforts and ever-growing expertise have resulted in the solid and high quality panel OpinionBar is today, with comprehensive options to set up market research studies among practically every conceivable target group around the globe.

OpinionBar is unsurpassed in many ways, starting with its exceptional quality and considerable size. OpinionBar has approximately 1 million members in Europe and over 1 million members in the US (in US we’ve acquired a strategic share of ownership in the North American sample supplier, Precision Sample). Next to that Opinionbar has seemingly endless matching possibilities, to meet with any target audience requirement you require. In other words, MetrixLab’s OpinionBar brings insights from your current and future customers closer to you, wherever, whenever and however. As we exert ourselves to meet constantly the highest of qualitative standards, we are proud to offer you:

  • Solid recruitment methods
    The individual members of OpinionBar are drawn from different sources, including over 850 different websites. This is a method for avoiding sample from respondents with similar behaviour, as well as reducing undesirable resemblance between sample for different studies. Contrary to most other agencies, MetrixLab's methods ensure the reduction of chances of overlap and the creation of a broad and representative spectrum of the population as a whole. What is more, the recruitment of our panel members is based on socio-demographic variables as well as Internet behaviour, leading to an even higher rate of representation. Thorough panel management enables us to maintain the excellent quality and integrity of our panel.

  • High response rates
    We know accurate panel management and fun questionnaires are imperative to high response rates in online research. This is why we constantly strive for the right balance in the number of studies a panel member is invited to, as well as variation in the nature of the studies offered. Consequently, we have managed to reach a response rate of over 40% on average with our studies.

  • High completion rates
    To encourage participants to finish their tasks and complete the questionnaires is an extremely important issue in any research study. This point is why we pay ample attention to making our surveys fun, engaging and interesting for our members. It is the combination of innovative methods, game-like setups and attractive designs that are low on loading time and involve straightforward tasks and questions that enables us to achieve an unrivalled completion rate of over 90% on average. 

  • Exclusivity
    OpinionBar is our exclusive Internet research panel, and we have sole access to its members. We do not sell, exchange or market our database. These members are engaged in studies for our own clients and are not invited to participate in data collection for third parties. This arrangement allows us to prevent fatigue among participants and keep our members fresh, loyal and interested, for your benefit.