Consumer Decision Journey and Touchpoint Mapping

Marketers need to align budgets and activities to reflect the way consumers now search, buy and use their products.

Our TOUCH solution provides the insights you need to align budgets against the touchpoints that have the most impact, and ensure you connect with consumers at the right moment with the right message through the right channel.

Learn how we can help you to map and understand the consumer journey and touchpoint influence, for more effective direction and allocation of your resources and budgets.

TOUCH® answers three fundamental questions at the heart of a consumer journey:

  • WHEN: Understanding the key moments and path taken
  • WHAT: Identifying which touch points are most influential in driving brand consideration, choice and loyalty
  • HOW: Describing the touch point characteristics/message content so they can be better leveraged

TOUCH® is a modular approach catered to your specific CDJ/Touchpoint mapping needs, including:

  • Exploration – an online qualitative exploration of the journey and touch points through storytelling, mood boards and profiling
  • Diary – a real time mobile diary that captures touchpoint encounters as they occur
  • Influence quantification – an online survey that quantifies the journey and touchpoint influence on consideration, preference and loyalty. Touch point influence is determined by looking at two underlying dimensions: reach and importance
  • Online journey mapping – understanding which search terms consumers use, which websites they visit and how they ultimately arrive at a purchase decision
  • Online accompanied shop-alongs – from our usability labs, we conduct in-depth online shop-alongs, that you can follow from behind your desk

We offer holistic visual reporting, followed by activation workshops.

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