Helping you win at the first moment of truth, by developing a vision on how to organize and optimize in the store.

SHOP is a selection of methods specific to shopper marketing questions. Two prominent areas are: floor plan optimization to make sure that your category is located where consumers expect it to be, and shelf organization / optimization to make sure that your product is easy to find. Together these solutions help you and your key retail partners firmly establish your category leadership.

Learn how our SHOP solution can help you to optimize floor plans (Category Adjacency)

SHOP can help you understand how and where to place your category, relative to other more or less comparable, complimentary or otherwise relevant categories. Through natural grouping exercises, category groups created by respondents are linked back to in-store reality. This shows differences between ideal and reality to develop a floor plan that offers the best fit for consumers.

Learn how our SHOP solution can help you to optimize the shelf (planogram)

Key to building a sensible planogram is understanding how consumers arrive at a brand/product choice at the shelf. The Shopper Decision Tree is a necessary input. However, this is not a rational, conscious process so we do not ask respondents to directly articulate their decision. Instead, a stock-out game simulates purchase choices. The Decision Tree outcome joins other metrics such as brand size and unicity, to create the optimum planogram.

Learn how our SHOP solution can help you to validate your planograms

Our fully shoppable shelf carefully replicates the planogram so that consumers can shop as if they are on their big weekly shopping trip. A split cell design indicates revenue changes between your new and current planogram, showing how revenues will shift towards specific brands, private label or sub-categories.

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