Uncovering in-context insights that enable you to win in-store and deliver a superior product experience.

In-store intercepts and traditional product testing are focused on only one phase of the product experience. They don’t capture full in-market, in-context experience that is most relevant to learning and driving commercial success. SHADOW takes place both in store with a task based survey and at home with a self-ethnography, both of which include photo descriptions from mobile devices.

Answer market development questions such as:

  • How can I understand the shopper experience in-store?
  • What is the consumption experience in the usage occasion?
  • Can I get evidence of the packaging/preparation/consumption touchpoints?
  • How can I improve the effectiveness of a new product launch?

Technology for mobile market research:

Our proprietary survey platform is based on popular mobile web architecture. Nothing for the respondent to download and easy to contact through regular email. We validate actual shopping location with GPS functionality (confirming the respondent is where we want them to be). Studies can take place at pre-selected locations, or at the consumer’s preferred retailer.

Learn how MetrixLab can provide clear recommendations to optimize marketing and merchandizing plans and capture early buyer feedback.

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