Attitude & Usage Studies (A&U) and Segmentation Analysis

Understanding the consumer, knowing your market and growing your business.

From our point of view, the central theme and ultimate objective of an A&U study is to identify insights for market and brand development, innovation and activation.

Designing an A&U study is like creating a building or piece of machinery; standard components and custom approaches lead to a unique creation perfectly suited to your needs. From a discipline and component perspective, we use the describe-understand-grow funnel to design the study. We make sure that all relevant topics are covered.

The first thing that A&U studies provide is a foundational perspective on the market and category, helping to size and understand the market landscape. The second thing that A&U studies provide is a perspective on brands, helping understand key brand choice drivers and positioning in the market. The third thing that A&U studies provide is a deep understanding of consumer and customer profiles, habits, attitudes , needs, values and motivations.

Segmentation Analysis

Delivering a multi-dimensional view of your target audience.

At MetrixLab, we can also offer customized segmentation approaches that best fit your needs and your category. We can use picture associations to map values and motivations resulting in added depth for each segment. A globally validated set of picture collages can also be leveraged to better understand values, imagery and personality. Using models specifically suited to large data sets, we focus in on the important variables that drive your target segments, and minimize the noise of extraneous data.

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