Optimizing your product portfolio

Get the insights you need for strategic product line planning. Extending and optimizing your product line depends on consumer interest as well as potential competitive response.RANGE uncovers which product offerings or combination will most effectively meet your business goals.

MetrixLab optimizes product combinations in a competitive context, providing a realistic measure of the way each offering in the line will increase not only reach but also incremental sales.

  • Test all product variants against expected competitors and substitution selections to optimize product assortment and SKU.
  • These time-saving solutions will help you understand which products maximize opportunity with different retailers and channels. Increase revenues by offering the right choices on each store shelf.
  • Our visually-rich online testing simulates real products on store shelves, on menus, in soft drink dispensers, and in other real-life scenarios.
  • By asking consumers to select, their shopping choices in game-like tasks, the test process becomes more fun for respondents and improves engagement to deliver exceptional quality research results.
  • MetrixLab optimization goes beyond standard reach measurements and applies predictive models to prioritize your range of options to help you maximize business results.
  • A simulator is used to provide real-time estimates of relative share and sales performance. The simulator is provided to you to create what-if scenarios for deeper insight.

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