Monitoring the launch of your product or brand extension

  • The launch of a new product or brand extension is like your kids taking off for college. You’ve done your best, prepared them to the best of your abilities, and now it is time to let go. It’s up to the consumer now.
  • There is still plenty you can do to course correct and optimize the launch of your product. However, this requires timely consumer feedback and intelligent analysis.

Learn how our LAUNCH solution can help you to monitor and optimize your product launch

LAUNCH leverages social media analysis ; everything that is posted by consumers on online (social) media about your new product. Unbiased and unprompted social interaction to understand who is responding, how they are responding and why.

LAUNCH can provide near real-time tracking of the progress of your product launch or media campaign

We collect and analyze social media posts. Typical key metrics include:

  • Volume of comments over time, split by country/language
  • Source (website type, consumer demographics)
  • Sentiment (positive, neutral, negative)
  • Content (what is being said, coded by topic)

Can be applied to own or key competitive initiatives

Highly actionable

  • Discover and address issues as they occur
  • Discover and quantify drivers and barriers ; take action by further leveraging drivers and removing the barriers.
  • Estimate and promote viral opportunities
  • Reallocate planned media investments accordingly

As an option, we can add a survey component to track core metrics (awareness, source of awareness, trial, repeat intent, etc..)

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