Social Media Market Insights that help you understand market dynamics, identify trends and uncover areas of opportunity by leveraging social conversations. Inspire your innovation, strategy and activation plans based on the opinions of your consumers about the market landscape, unmet consumer needs, delights and frustrations, usage occasions and trends. Answer questions such as:

  • How big is the topic online?
  • Where is the talk?
  • What is the talk about?
  • what is the associated sentiment?

INSPIRE provides insights which can confirm the existence and richness of a market and which way it is moving. It also can validate consumer satisfaction with current solutions and uncover opportunities to expand or improve your product line. This social insights solution can cover a broad range of questions and topics that can help you fuel the innovation process. INSPIRE requires a custom data collection and analysis approach to leverage social media data and convert it into relevant insights. We have adopted a 5-step process that is guaranteed to deliver insights grounded in the highest quality social data:

  • Search strategy – define search terms and plan operational process
  • Data collection – collect data using smart software
  • Relevancy filter – remove noise and start sampling
  • Classification – human analysis to enrich data
  • Create insights – creation of actionable insights

Most importantly, it is the combination of smart software and human analysts that allow us to remove the noise from the data. The result is high quality data that provides the foundation for uncovering actionable insights. What makes us different from other social media analytic solutions? It is our data quality, depth of analysis, advanced analytics and ability to integrate with other sources.

Learn how our social insights can INSPIRE both innovation and superior marketing strategy.

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