Co-creating with consumers to quickly generate high potential ideas For situations where you want to generate new product / service ideas, or expand existing products into new targets, channels or need states, MetrixLab offers an online solution that involves consumers in your ideation process. This enables you to leverage their creative skills and passion for your brand or category to help generate new ideas. MetrixLab CRAFTER is an online co-creation solution grounded in the following principles: Power of numbers: We invite large numbers (100+) of consumers for idea generation. Each participant will typically generate 10 ideas, resulting in massive numbers of consumer generated new ideas. Engage the invested: Better ideas come from co-creating with consumers who have high category involvement, a profound love for your brand and colleagues from across disciplines and offices. Classic brainstorming online: Traditional techniques: Yes and…; Explore through a new lens.., what if…, associate with…, etc.. get the creative process going. Crafter is a 100% online solution, delivering very visual and interactive brainstorming exercises. After idea generation, a second collaborative phase leverages consumer creative skills to arrive at a more limited set (10-20) of the best ideas that are ready to be taken into the next stage of development. Consumers work together by participating in an online exercise where they screen and rank ideas and work together to improve and enrich the most promising ideas.

Let MetrixLab help you engage target consumers in your ideation process.

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