Identifying successful products for the global marketplace

MetrixLab offers flexible and efficient solutions to meet your concept development objectives at each stage of the innovation funnel. The robust approach combines concept validation with flexible modules to inspire your go-to-market strategy. Through a series of online and mobile approaches, MetrixLab can also screen, and optimize the power of your insights.

The MetrixLab concept testing framework is grounded in the key drivers for success in the market and tested with consumers in an interactive and engaging way.

  • Testing of insights on key dimensions such as relevance, excitement, differentiation and call to action.
  • Sizing, value and qualification of early stage concepts in terms of the opportunity space composition: an easy steal, hard steal or white space.
  • Analytical framework that provides global and individual market level prioritization.
  • Concept mapping according to concept potential and nature of the opportunity.
  • Benchmark database and volumetric forecasting
  • Target profiling, pricing optimization and driver analyses.

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MetrixLab’s technologies and research methods provide the flexibility to do ad-hoc (one-time) testing or develop a full program of research. Our process helps you test faster, iterate on results, and make decisions quickly and confidently.

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