Optimizing your price, pack size, claim or name MetrixLab‘s optimization suite helps you determine the optimal marketing elements for your products to create a positive impact for your brand in your category. Our CHOICE studies replicate the real-world decision-making process in a competitive context – to understand the trade-offs customers make based on your competitors’ products and price points. Learn how our DCM experts help you successfully determine the best price, pack size, claim or name for your products.

  • MetrixLab optimization solutions approach these important brand issues using Discrete Choice Modeling or DCM to replicate real-world decision-making.
  • Using our online research tools to provide an interactive shopping experience, consumers choose between different options in a relevant competitive context.
  • The design of these studies allows us to predict preference given any possible combination of features – by offering the flexibility to not only adjust prices and pack sizes, but even to put new products into the competitive set in order to model the impact these changes would make.
  • MetrixLab’s model provide optimal solutions along with providing a custom simulator tool that can be calibrated to match regional, demographic or segment targets.

Contact MetrixLab to find out how to optimize your product and pricing. We also design specialized optimization research projects that combine several marketing variables, including price/pack architecture studies of package size changes concurrent with price changes, to deliver actionable answers to real business problems.

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Pricing Choice in Competitive Context

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