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Usability Expert Review - UXR©

Your website assessed by our usability experts

If you wish to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website and you are looking for ways to optimise its user friendliness and user experience, an expert's opinion can be very helpful. With UXR©, our professionals will give you the actionable feedback you need to take your website to the next level.


MetrixLab's Usability Expert Review or UXR© can be conducted either on live or concept websites. Without the involvement of users, the most important flaws and shortcomings with respect to user friendliness and effectiveness are identified to be resolved before submitting your website to any further target audience reviewing.

Methodology and setup

UXR© consists of two usability experts independently examining your website. With their knowledge of usability theory and common user problems, they will detect any smaller and larger usability issues on your website. The findings of the Expert Review are described in a report, covering the overall user experience and flows of the website and providing you with actionable recommendations for improvements.

UXR© addresses the following topics:

  • Are the navigation, structure and main flows and funnels clear to users?
  • Is it clear where users can click and where they can't?
  • Do users get the information they expect?
  • What items have "good usability,'"and what items need improvement?
  • Is the content easy to understand for users?
  • Is it clear how users can use interactive elements? For example:
    o A sign-up process
    o An online shop
    o A search engine and the presentation of the search results
    o Any community functionalities, such as personal pages, the upload process, interaction with other users, etc.).

Beforehand, we will discuss with you whether there are specific parts, flows or topics that need extra attention, or if you have any additional questions and research objectives. If so, they will be added to the list of objectives.

Questions that need real user involvement, for instance, user experience, likeability, desirability and willingness to use the concept, can best be answered in combination with a Usability Test with participants. In this way, already known or obvious problems can be tackled before a review by the users themselves, leading to a more in-depth research and ultimately a higher quality of test results. We will gladly inform you on the possibilities.

Your benefits

With MetrixLab's UXR©, you will know the most important strengths and weaknesses without having to test with large numbers of users. MetrixLab offers you

  • a review based on both theoretical knowledge of user behavior and the knowledge of researching websites in a live situation on a day-to-day basis.
  • two experts independently participating in the review, combining and discussing their results before reporting them.
  • findings in an integrated report with practical recommendations and actionable suggestions to improve the usability of your website.
  • special attention to any specific questions or problems you might have put forward.
  • a relatively short time to start, perform and complete the review, including report.

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