Press release: MetrixLab introduces quick, device neutral package testing

Press release: MetrixLab introduces quick, device neutral package testing

Global reach plus expert technology enables packaging evaluation for any market

Rotterdam and San Francisco – 23 April 2015 MetrixLab today announced the worldwide release of COMPACT, a quick turn, device agnostic package testing solution.  Optimized for mobile and built to a standardized design, COMPACT is fast, affordable and allows you to holistically understand the visibility, communication and persuasion of your packaging designs.  COMPACT also delivers granular feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of each design to inspire improvement initiatives.

“Brands have been looking for more affordable and faster insights for package testing, without wanting to compromise on quality. We’ve responded by introducing a methodology that is streamlined, device agnostic and very fast, which will redefine how the market looks at package testing,” said Alexander Kleijngeld, Senior Solutions Consultant, MetrixLab. “COMPACT is an expert solution that has been developed and is supported by in-house specialists with backgrounds in Industrial Design.”

Speed and Global Reach

Whether testing redesigned/refreshed packs or for new category entries, brands want to reach consumers on whatever device is convenient to engage and they need answers quickly. COMPACT provides truly global reach in the package testing space. Package testing can now be conducted quickly and affordably in emerging markets where the predominant devices are smartphones and tablets. The streamlined methodology allows results to be delivered in about a week.

“Throughout our company, we have strived to give brands granular, actionable consumer insights in the shortest period of time.” said Han De Groot, Global CEO, MACROMILL. “Our unique in-house platform and disciplined approach has fewer moving parts and allows us to carry out testing at superfast speeds.”

Triple Benchmarking and Dynamic Library

COMPACT is a validated, monadic methodology that allows benchmarking of new packaging against the current design, competitor designs and the database benchmarks.  Category and country benchmarks are available for 20+ countries and provide useful context for design performance analysis. A combination of visual, implicit and interactive techniques provides meaningful insights and ensures actionability for marketers and designers alike.

COMPACT is not just a series of case-by-case packaging design tests but can be used as a systematic program to consistently enhance the quality of packaging design by fueling bigger picture learnings.

Learning from the program is driven by the interactive library of results (offered free to high volume COMPACT clients).  It allows you to quickly and easily access all tests done and build on your learnings for creating better packaging.  It facilitates global sharing of results and fuels general learning.

Pricing and Availability

COMPACT is available now through MetrixLab and MACROMILL research specialists. Pricing starts at US$ 5,000 for a first design, with decreasing average when testing multiple designs.

About MetrixLab

MetrixLab, recently merged with MACROMILL, is the fastest growing provider of consumer insights and marketing analytics solutions. MACROMILL turns data from online surveys, social media and enterprise systems into valuable business information and actionable consumer insights that help leading companies drive product innovation, brand engagement and customer value. Headquartered in Tokyo, Rotterdam and San Francisco with 27 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, MACROMILL serves 2200 leading brands in more than 80 countries.


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