Case study: Improving the customer experience through continuous improvement

Case study: Improving the customer experience through continuous improvement

Continuously improving the customer experience

Solution: Closed Loop Feedback

The challenge

A leading energy company wanted to track its customers’ experience in an effective and timely manner. The company’s goal? To continuously monitor and manage the customer’s experience across multiple touchpoints.

The results

Our client has benefited from more timely insights with results delivered in real time.

The company’s renewed focus on customer satisfaction has increased employee engagement. Staff have felt empowered and motivated to improve the customer experience.

The company has improved its Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES). It has also been able to take preventative action to reduce customer churn by identifying their stay intention.

How we got there

We established a continuous feedback loop to facilitate continual organizational improvement.

This begins with the registration of a customer contact from any monitored touchpoint. Customers receive a short dynamic survey (5-7 questions) within 24 hours of contact. The responses are fed into an online root cause analysis. Relevant stakeholders are then alerted to the feedback by email so that it can be followed up. Finally, a short follow-up survey is sent to the opted in customer to assess the impact of the corrective action.

Translate direct feedback into direct action

  • Gain real-time insights into the customer experience
  • Understand the customer experience across multiple touchpoints
  • Create a more customer-focused organization
  • Understand the root causes that are driving or eroding customer satisfaction
  • Translate direct feedback into direct action
  • Improve your NPS and CES scores

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