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Position: Research Manager

The Research Manager (RM) manages the success of marketing research projects at MetrixLab.  Many of our projects are based on our standardized methods for concept testing, advertising testing, package testing, product testing, trackers, etc., though customization is often needed.  In partnership with senior research personnel, a RM consults with Sales regarding the appropriate method to be used, reviews/edits proposals, develops the survey questionnaire and analysis plan, and provides an insightful, actionable report to the client.



The RM designs quantitative, internet-based marketing research studies.  He/she is expected to:

  • Review proposals and convert them into a research plan.
  • Design standard and custom research studies.
  • Identify if advanced analytics are necessary and bring in the internal experts for consultation where appropriate.
  • Write questionnaires that meet the objectives of the study.
  • Learn how to build surveys of low complexity, using our proprietary tools and platform.
  • Review links prior to deployment and review initial deployment data.
  • Develop analysis plans, including providing specifications for tab and banner plans.
  • Approve code frames for coding open-ended survey responses.
  • Develop survey report shells/templates.
  • Transition studies to Project Managers for deployment and execution, while maintaining overall management of project timelines and quota needs.
  • Provide direction and clarification to Project Managers throughout the life of the project to insure impeccable execution.
  • Discuss changes in scope with Sales and/or clients as they arise.
  • Write clear and insightful headlines in reports.
  • Present reports over the phone or in-person to clients, as necessary.
  • Initiate process improvements by leading the team involved, as needed.
  • Foster a positive environment of teamwork, while maintaining personal accountability.



  • BS/BA in Marketing, Quantitative Analysis or related field.  MBA a strong plus.
  • 3+ years of marketing research experience, ideally on the supplier side.
  • Broad knowledge base of research methodologies, such as concept testing, sorts, product testing and trackers, with an ability to design each of them.
  • Experience with writing questionnaires.
  • Deep understanding of data analysis and how to turn data into insights.
  • Able to make project recommendations to client deliverables, for internal review.
  • Understanding of advanced analytics; knowing when they should be used and how to interpret results.
  • Attention to detail, coupled with being able to identify and articulate broad, strategic implications.
  • Strong communication skills, oral and written, especially with Sales and senior research personnel.
  • Able to manage the design and analysis of multiple research projects simultaneously.
  • Creative approach to solving business issues.
  • Experience with MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word; Use of SPSS and/or background in programming a strong plus.
  • Have a passion for research and “predicting people”.


Office Location:

Florham Park, NJ


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