Case story: Helping BEHR to understand customers’ product issues

Case story: Helping BEHR to understand customers’ product issues

Brand Fame: BEHR paint

Consumer centricity helps to restore business growth

The challenge

BEHR paint wanted to better understand customers’ product issues and to put these at the heart of its strategy to curb declining sales and fight off tough competition.

The results

Equipped with a wide range of insights on how to improve its brand health score, BEHR was able to address key consumer product issues through a coherent omnichannel communication strategy and campaigns.

This resulted in a significant improvement in the company’s Brand Fame score against the market leader , reversal of a declining sales trend and a market share increase over a two-year period.

How we got there

Using Brand Fame, we captured all online posts and conversations related to BEHR paint. Human coding was then used to assess the coverage, sentiment and influence of these, and determine the brand’s digital health score (from -100 to 100).

Analysis of the findings revealed key consumer concerns regarding product use and application. These inspired action plans that delivered against key business objectives.

Determining digital brand health to ensure Brand Fame

  • Continuously gather online intelligence about the health of your brand
  • Determine your digital brand health score and benchmark it against the competition
  • Identify consumer product issues/concerns in close to real time
  • Predict future sales
  • Use robust data based on human coding to inform decision-making and action plans