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Your website is increasingly important to your company's marketing activities. Consequently, you need it to perform to its full potential. But what exactly is the most effective way to communicate with your target group?

Knowing the number of visitors you attract simply isn't enough; you need to find out exactly who is visiting your website, as well as how and why. But more importantly, you want to know if your website is meeting, or even exceeding visitors' expectations, as well as its added value to your company. MetrixLab's WPM© helps you achieve just that. Our proven online approach provides you with the means to measure effectively and understand the visitors to your website and its performance, so you can deliver.


WPM© constantly gathers both qualitative and quantitative data on your visitors through fun and engaging online surveys. Upon arrival at your website, (potential) customers are invited to participate in an online study. On acceptance, they are asked right away to complete our entry questionnaire containing a limited number of questions. At the end of their visit, participants receive a more ample questionnaire to fill out.

The entry questionnaire is for profiling purposes and the determination of visiting objectives, whereas the exit questionnaire is aimed to measure your website's overall performance.

Measurements from the entry questionnaire

  • Demographics, lifestyle, product usage, media consumption
  • Motives and goals for visiting
  • Orientation process; website awareness

Measurements from the exit questionnaire

  • Achievement of visiting goals
  • Brand experience
  • Level of appreciation
  • Conversion
  • Results of the visit; level of satisfaction
  • Views on aspects of appearance, usability and content
  • Next steps: comparison of offering; offline search

Needless to say, the various elements to be measured largely depend on your needs, and the questionnaires will be determined accordingly. By combining the quantitative and qualitative results of the online surveys, the effectiveness and quality of your website as a whole will become instantly clear.

Methodology and setup

Research setupA team of MetrixLab consultants and research experts will work with you to create a custom-designed research strategy, well aligned with your business's development, website targets and marketing plan. Together we identify the objectives, determine the specifications and design the surveys and their protocol. The surveys are programmed and hosted by MetrixLab. WPM© invites a selection of your visitors (by preset intercept, e.g., every 50th visitor) to participate in the online survey.

Following data collection, survey results are thoroughly analysed and evaluated. The key findings and implications for your business are presented and discussed with you in one or more review sessions, focusing on

  • Visitor profiles
  • Visiting reasons, success and failure
  • Overall website usability (structure, navigation, appearance)
  • Content performance
  • Site impact
  • Areas for improvement
  • Actionable suggestions for improvement

In addition, we will inform you on exactly how your website compares to the experience offered by your competitors, as we benchmark your performance against both your competitive set and relevant examples from other sectors.

Your benefits

MetrixLab's WPM© generates a thorough understanding of your website's performance with respect to the user experience and structure, navigation and appearance. With our actionable and practical recommendations, we help you make your website deliver. With WPM©, MetrixLab offers you

  • a proven online approach combining qualitative and quantitative data.
  • surveys that will not affect your visitors' surfing behaviour in any way, with higher-than-average response rates and low dropout rates.
  • benchmarking on any measurement you desire to help put your performance in context and further determine improvement actions.
  • delivery of detailed reports, supported by clear graphs and other visuals.
  • online tracking of the results and response of your research project.
  • easy implementation of the necessary applications, with start-up possibilities within two weeks.

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