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Website Concept Test - eCONTEST©

Will your website deliver?

You are in the process of (re-)building your website and want to put your concept(s) to the test. How will your customers respond? Are your objectives met with its design and features? What needs to be improved to make users more positive? Which of your concepts is the better one and fits your objectives? You will get your answers with MetrixLab's eCONTEST©.


MetrixLab's Website Concept Test oreCONTEST© is specifically designed to understand your customers' interests. By means of screening and evaluating multiple features and early-stage website concepts, the test enables direct comparison of concepts and is apt to include one or more control concepts to serve as implicit benchmarks. 

In other words, eCONTEST© shows you the potentially most successful features of your website concept(s), or other online communication concepts for that matter. It provides you with the diagnostic feedback you need to determine which way to go in the early stages of development.

Methodology and setup

Depending on the research objectives, eCONTEST© with two concepts (A and B) typically consists of these stages:

Screening of respondents
First, a representative group of consumers is selected from a predetermined database, such as your own client database, our Internet Panel or MetrixLab's WPM database to participate in eCONTEST©. By using a screening survey, we make sure that your specific target audience is selected.

Concept confrontation and in-depth evaluation
Once the selection has taken place, the respondents are randomly assigned to either concept A or concept B. They are asked to answer a few questions on this particular concept, followed by a spontaneous review of the features and the design of the concept. We will ask questions like

  • What is your first impression of this webpage?
  • Does the webpage fit your expectation(s)?
  • Does the website appeal to you? What do you like and dislike about it?

Paired comparison
After the in-depth evaluation of one concept, respondents are shown both concept A and B by means of a paired comparison. Subsequently, they will be asked questions like

  • Which concept do you prefer?
  • Which specific elements of the concept appeal the most to you and why?

Our consultants and research experts work with you on custom-designing the test in correspondence with your website objectives and marketing plan. Together we identify the objectives, determine the specifications and work out the design and its protocol.

Once it is launched, we start our data collection. The results of the collected data analysis are presented in a report, which includes our recommendations. An interactive workshop on the report concludes our eCONTEST©. 

For a complete view of the effectiveness of website concepts or new features, MetrixLab recommends combining eCONTEST© with our online eye-tracking tool, FOCUS TRACKER©. As a proven method for website research, FOCUS TRACKER determines what elements attract visual attention, including any unmapped elements. It captures solely what visitors see and how they respond, thereby excluding any motives or opinions they might have.

Your benefits

MetrixLab's eCONTEST© gives you a perfect view of the strengths and weaknesses in your website concept(s) early on in the development process. MetrixLab offers you

  • a test to help you select the concept that best fits your website objectives (in case of multiple concepts).
  • open-ended questions in the test to provide you with a good notion of the reasons behind consumers' responses.
  • optional benchmarking and result-ranking for larger sample sizes.
  • an approach in which further identification of any feature visitors would like to see added, removed or changed in your concept is incorporated.
  • short start-up time for any eCONTEST© on your concept designs.

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