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In Home Usability Test - iHOME©

Get the most from your website by visitor feedback.

As a vital component to your marketing and sales operation, how can you tell your website performs to its maximum capacity? With MetrixLab's iHOME©, you can subject your website to an online test with a large sample of potential users or customers. The test is set up to measure its quality and effectiveness as participants engage from the comfort of their own home or workplace. The test will give you quantitative input on the perception of your proposition, as well as the overall experience of visitors to your site. In addition, it renders qualitative feedback on the way users interact with the site.


By combining the prime elements of conventional qualitative usability testing with quantitative research, iHOME© thoroughly assesses the performance of your website. In addition, it allows you to benchmark your website's performance and compare it to your competitors' sites. The test extracts information to identify necessary improvements on current functionalities and the possible demand for new functionalities. It helps you understand how to display information and overcome both major and minor usability issues.

Based on visitor feedback, iHOME© gathers knowledge from target groups in their natural setting, at home or at work, using their own computer. Evaluating your website "live" by trying to accomplish various critical assignments, our respondents are tracked from moment to moment. As they carry out their tasks, we record what they think, feel and do by asking questions throughout the test. iHOME© will reveal your visitors'

  • Interaction with the site
    What choices do people make for accomplishing critical tasks? Are they successful? Why? Why not? What is the functional performance? What are the weaknesses and strengths? What are the key areas of improvement?
  • Attitudes towards the site
    What is the attitude towards the website? Is it likeable, relevant, credible and understandable? Is your website effective?
  • Conversion
    Is there an increased interest in the brand and the product? Is there an increased intention to become a customer? What are the conversion improvements? What additional elements (tools) could improve the experience of the different users to accomplish their tasks?

Methodology and setup

iHOME© monitors people as they perform critical tasks. To give an example, a typical task might be to apply for a credit card, order a new mobile telephone or book a flight. Participants are drawn from a predetermined database, for instance, our consumer panel of 800.000–and growing every day–European consumers, your own client database or via MetrixLab's Website Performance Monitor-collected e-mail addresses of visitors that are willing to participate in follow-up research. This freedom of choice enables you to create any target audience you wish, with local or worldwide participants. For every test, participants use our browser plug-in, which will uninstall itself after completion of the research.

By monitoring and measuring a wide range of aspects, we are able to determine the overall usability of your website from a visitor's perspective. Our approach captures behavioural data, including

  • Time spent per task
  • Task success rates
  • Opinions on individual elements of the site, such as the navigation, the images shown or the shopping basket
  • Spontaneous qualitative feedback
  • Pages visited
  • Click paths

Of course, the various tasks and exact metrics largely depend on your website and goals. The assignments are specified in accordance with you as our client.

After completion of the tasks, our research team will review the results. The overall findings, including any identified necessary new functionalities and further improvement suggestions, are reported, presented and discussed with you and your project team. This presentation will provide you with the information you need to increase your website's usability accordingly. In addition, we offer to benchmark your website with those of your competitors based on the findings of the test.

Your benefits

iHOME© will help you get the most from your site - whether it be converting viewers to customers, delivering customer satisfaction, or making the best impact for your brand. You will know exactly whether your website will draw and maintain sufficient attention while working with your website in their natural environment: their own home or work place. As such, iHOME© might well be the perfect mix of qualitative and quantitative research. MetrixLab offers you

  • an in-depth view of the performance of your website, tested by real-life visitors in real-life situations, resulting in natural feedback.
  • a setup that makes it easy to enroll in both local and pan-European or worldwide markets and to test with relatively large user groups.
  • the means to involve target groups that consist of a wide variety of people and large groups of participants.
  • a clear and practical report on the findings, with actionable recommendations for your current website, including any necessary new functionalities.
  • extensive benchmark possibilities of your test results to determine the competitive strength of your website based on MetrixLab's up-to-date benchmark data of your particular branch of industry.

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