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Focus Group Panel - eGROUPS©

The qualitative feedback you need to realize your ideas and concepts successfully

These days, bringing new ideas and concepts to life is crucial to ensure an increase in sales and qualitative development of your services. When it comes to developing a website, where do you get your input? And how will you know your ideas are viable and have added value in the eyes of your target group? eGROUPS© help you to determine whether your ideas meet your target group's wishes and expectations, and are understood and appreciated.


With MetrixLabs' Focus Group Panels or eGROUPS©, target group representatives thoroughly discuss concepts for a new website, product or service in a structured panel discussion or group interview.

Methodology and setup

After examining all information and materials available, MetrixLab develops a moderation guide. This guide consists of all topics that need to be discussed with the participants in the eGROUPS© sessions in detail, including main issues and more detailed sub-questions. Of course, these are all agreed upon after close deliberation between you and MetrixLab. This information also applies to the target group, the exact profiles and spread of the participants.

These participants are selected from one or more databases, such as your own client database, our Internet Panel or MetrixLab's WPM database. They can also be selected by specialised recruiting agencies. The number of participants depends on the subject at hand and the age and background of the group. In most cases, a group of 6-10 people suffices for a thorough discussion. The use of a control group ensures a valid outcome of the research.

As a research manager presents the moderation guide, the focus group participants are invited to discuss and elaborate on the outlined topics. A typical focus group session will last approximately two hours and is preferably supported by relevant visual stimuli, such as screenshots of the concept or comparable websites from competitors. A group interview is set up to produce answers to questions like

  • What do users want to see on the website, what functionalities trigger users to use and revisit the website?
  • What is the opinion of a potential user on a product, service or means of communication shown on the website?
  • Do people like the product or service shown on the website, and do they intend to use it?
  • What do people think about the (commercial) communication, the name, the price and design of a product or service on the website?
  • Which adjustments do people wish to see?
  • Does the website fit the image the users have of your company or brand?

With eGROUPS©, you will acquire detailed information on what (potential) users consider important with regard to the developmental direction of your website. Following the focus group discussion, an inventory is made of all the opinions and expressions of interest of the participants. MetrixLab offers you the opportunity to attend the review yourself in our specially equipped test facilities.

To enable you to arrange an eGROUPS© meeting at any given location, MetrixLab has several mobile labs available. These labs are set up for observation during the discussion. They are particularly useful for focus group meetings on the subject of intranet.

International set up of eGROUPS©

For internationally orientated panel discussions, MetrixLab has a network of facilities available around the world. If you need to stretch out your research over several different countries, all eGROUPS© discussions will take place under the same conditions, with exactly the same instructions and reporting templates drawn up by our own test coordinator. All reporting templates are later merged into an integral report with overall results, including cross cultural differences as well as differentiated results for each country. What is more, every test abroad is conducted by a MetrixLab researcher or by reliable and native-speaking local moderators under the supervision of one of our experts.

Your benefits

MetrixLab's eGROUPS© is a qualitative research method which provides you with valuable input for determining the potential and the direction in which your concept should be developed. MetrixLab offers you

  • target group representatives discussing and elaborating on your ideas and concepts.
  • a report containing the results of all the discussed aspects, as well as concrete and practical recommendations for further development and your market potential.
  • outstanding facilities at any given location worldwide.
  • an average runtime of two weeks for single-country research, from the start of participant recruiting until the delivery of the report.

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