E-business Performance Research

Improve the conversion of your website

eBusiness Performance Research

Improve the conversion of your website.

The development or improvement of a website is a comprehensive process. MetrixLab eBusiness Performance Research offers you a wide range of solutions to help you improve the conversion of your website, from monitoring your current website, to concept development and website optimization.

The essence of your website performance: your users

In our philosophy, every single aspect of website development and optimization revolves around the users, the visitors to your website. If you know who your visitors are and why they come to your site, as well as the degree to which they are successful and satisfied with the results of their visit, you will be able to adjust your website to serve its purpose and meet your users’ expectations.

Continuous monitoring vital for optimization

The performance of your website can only be improved if the effects its features generate are properly recognized and measured. Because of the dynamics of surfing behavior, MetrixLab considers continuous performance monitoring crucial to any substantial improvement process. You need to know the effect any change might have on how, why and when your visitors decide to act and react, simply because it is these actions and reactions that define your website’s performance in terms of user friendliness and effectiveness.
Lifecycle E Business Performane

Different tests for every stage

Each stage in the life cycle of a website requires the extraction of different kinds of information. And as the features, goals and target groups vary from website to website, the approach in research varies as well, stretching from assessing customer needs, to usability testing, visitor profiling, benchmarking and performance monitoring. The starting point, however, is always the same: knowing and understanding your visitors.

Distinctive actionable recommendations

MetrixLab provides you with the means to get the information you need and helps you to determine the best way to create and improve your website. Choose any of our eBusiness Performance Research products and learn more about our approach.