Customer Experience Management

A thorough look at every aspect of your Customer Life Cycle

Closed-Loop Feedback - CLF©

Enterprise Feedback Management reinvented!

We help our clients improve customer loyalty and reduce customer defection. CLF, our Enterprise Feedback Management solution empowers customers to quickly and easily share their feedback, enabling our clients to further improve their service experience and create a positive brand experience.

CLF is an integrated Enterprise Feedback Management solution that measures and provides tools to manage the customer experience. Our solution goes beyond measurement only as everything is geared towards improved experience and increased customer loyalty.

What’s the point of listening if you don’t act on it? The continuous stream of feedback collected by our listening platform is available through a report portal in a highly actionable format, allowing clients to listen to customers and take immediate and appropriate action.

Our CLF approach will always be implemented with a team of Customer Experience Experts who will support you implementing this innovative Voice of the Customer system into your daily business at every organizational level. The team customizes design, phasing and implementation of this game changing program helping you place customer centricity at the heart of your organization.  Stakeholders at every level are involved in interpreting, understanding and utilizing the insights to change the customer experience for the better through:

  • Direct feedback. MetrixLab provides automated survey invitations within 24 hours after customer contact thanks to a unique and sophisticated survey system that is multi lingual and can be applied on a worldwide scale.
  • Direct Action. An instant alert system (email) direct out clients to a ‘Call back-section’ in the online CLF-portal. It enables clients to contact customers based on their feedback given.
  • Direct Impact. The CLF-portal reflects instant impact on Loyalty of all actions taken by your company at any level desired across your enterprise (country, brand, department, team and employee).

To learn more about CLF please visit our CLF website www.closedloopfeedback.net