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Cross Media Optimization - CMO©

Optimizing media and creative in the Media Mix

The number of media and ads consumers are exposed to on a daily basis is ever increasing. How do you select the best ads in the best possible media combinations? With our Cross Media Campaign Evaluation and Optimization (CMO©), you will reach a thorough understanding of the way the various media and creative work, and, more importantly, you will know which media work best together with which ads. This knowledge allows advertisers to create more effect with the same budget or the same effect on a smaller budget.


MetrixLab's CMO© methodologies provide insight into the role of advertising for all media in the total media mix. CMO© takes the tracking of effects further, as it covers the performance of all media.

Measuring the impact of cross-media campaignsThe challenge within a cross-media campaign is to find the perfect mix in terms of choice of media and creative.

The MetrixLab approach is a single-source solution in which media behavior, advertising effects and brand effects are measured. It includes online display advertising, e-mail activities and visits to a website or campaign site within the mix of traditional media. The MetrixLab approach uses different data-collection techniques and a respondent-friendly way of questioning. It provides insight into

  • reach of the campaign and the individual media.
  • effect of the campaign.
  • attitude towards individual ads.
  • results, which drop down in reach effects and synergy effects.

The model used for measuring the results covers the reach effect of different media and the synergy effects between different media types.

In addition to retrieving information on the reach and effects per medium (combination), CMO© addresses the following questions:

  • Are your creative expressions in the various media appreciated? To what extent? Is there any kind of synergetic value between these expressions?
  • What is (in terms of campaign goals) the most efficient medium use and budget allocation for future campaigns?
  • What are the costs per medium (combination) to accomplish certain effects? Where lies the added value of the separate media?

Methodology and setup

The MetrixLab approach to cross-media analysis is based on an OTS (Opportunity to See) methodology. It makes sure that we know, for each respondent, whether he has been confronted with an ad and if so, in which media and how often. Once this knowledge has been established, the respondent population can be divided into different groups, which, among themselves, differ only in the way that they2 Innovative advertising research methodologies and techniques have been exposed to the campaign. The analysis is based on comparing these subsamples.

With the help of our tagging technology and questionnaires, we establish the exposure to all digital media, like online display advertising, website visits and reading e-mail. The questionnaires used for CMO© are complete, user friendly and fun to do and have a very high response rate.

Your benefits

With MetrixLab's CMO©, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience of brand and campaign tracking, as we integrate all media types used in your campaign and measure the reach and effects on different levels. MetrixLab offers you

  • new insights into how media and creative work together.
  • analysis based upon effects and costs.
  • clear-cut information to be used for future budget allocation.
  • enjoyable questionnaires evoking accurate and in-depth information.
  • benchmarking of your results.

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