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Ad Concept Creator - ACC©

Turn your concepts into working creative.

Every good campaign starts with a break-through idea. But before putting your money into a new idea, it is good to measure acceptance and generate insights on how to bring about or optimize the execution. Instead of indicative results, MetrixLab offers an advanced adoption of validated qualitative tools to measure the viability of your creative concepts exactly. This approach enables fast feedback and easy-to-benchmark indicators of acceptance and evaluation of your advertising concept.


Whether you wish to pre-test your entire new communication platform; your TV commercial in-the-making, of which you so far have only moving storyboards, or concepts that are still in the sketch phase, the Ad Concept Creator ACC© helps you identify its strengths and weaknesses by integrating both qualitative and quantitative measurements in an online holistic-research setup.

This setup is based upon a validated acceptor-rejecter technique which gives you an exact percentage of the number of people to accept your idea or concept. This percentage will be benchmarked, allowing advertisers and agencies to see immediately whether the concept is good or needs adjustment. We combine the acceptor-rejecter technique with qualitative tools, including a scene-to-scene evaluation tool, an online laddering method enabling us to select the strong parts in the copy and, finally, a card sort specifically developed to evaluate different statements.

The results give you what you need to make a go/no-go decision for the new concept or idea, provide insight on how to bring about the execution and help you turn a good idea into a break-through idea.

Methodology and setup

Depending on the specifications of your concept and your objectives, MetrixLab will select specific validated tools for the execution of the test. For instance, the Ad Concept Creator ACC© may consist of comprehensive interviews online with a sample of your (potential) customers. In this setup, respondents are recruited from MetrixLab's own global consumer panel called OPINIONBAR.

The Ad Concept Creator ACC© starts with exposing your idea or concept to the participants. We ask these participants for their first impression or association. Next, we measure acceptance by using a validated set of questions. This measurement will give you an exact and predictive percentage of acceptors. The questions that follow concern the appeal and appreciation of the concept and the perceived association with your company.

Another technique we apply in our Ad Concept Creator ACC© is called the DIGITAL MARKER. This technique is used to discover not only what the participants think is the most important message your company wants to communicate, but also the relevance and interest of this perceived message to them. The DIGITAL MARKER gives you a detailed analysis of your idea, which focuses on understanding how people evaluate the overall idea without visualizations or advertising. After this, we present the concept as it is and pose questions about the appeal, the perceived message and whether or not the concept fits your brand. For storyboards or animatics, the detailed MOMENT-TO-MOMENT evaluation tools help you find the strengths and weaknesses of the concept in a detailed way.

MetrixLab's researchers will see to a detailed analysis of the collected data (per country). Their findings will be reviewed with you in a presentation and recorded in an extensive report that includes the overall key take out and actionable recommendations. Our drop-down reporting system provides you with information in different layers, such as

  • Executive Summary
  • General Overviews
  • In-sight Diagnostics

This drop-down way of reporting makes sure that you get the right diagnostic information. It also provides clear insights to communicate to creative agencies.

Your benefits

MetrixLab's Ad Concept Creater ACC© gives you the opportunity to examine any idea or concept you wish, no matter in what stage of development you are. MetrixLab offers you

  • the first concept test to use quantitative as well as qualitative research for a thorough understanding.
  • results that are benchmarked against other concepts or ideas.
  • numerous possibilities for the use of visual stimuli and visual feedback on the concept.
  • reliable results with highly predictive value for your concept's potential.
  • reports that combine clear results with actionable recommendations and in-depth information.

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