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Continuous Feedback to improve brand position and communication

Brand Health Monitor - B-HEALTH©

Monitor and optimize the position of your brand.

A comprehensive understanding of your (potential) customers is crucial to building your brand and making it work for you. Regular feedback on the position of your brand and the insights into what drives this position is necessary. B-HEALTH© allows you to track your brand and communication activities. It gives you the opportunity to monitor your position. The driver analyses provide you with feedback on how to improve your communication to influence your position effectively.


Tracking the position of your brand over time will provide you with information not only on people's awareness, attitude and behaviour towards your brand or product, but also on the influence your communication has over time. With MetrixLab's Brand Health Monitor B-HEALTH©, all the components of your brand are observed, analyzed separately and compared to generate a complete view of your overall performance. The interactive questionnaire, combined with a report that shows you the way to improve your position, is perfect for advertisers wanting to see the effects of all the communication efforts in time.

Methodology and setup

An important aspect of B-HEALTH© is the interactive setup of our questionnaires. This setup establishes genuine interaction necessary to obtain feedback on the exact position of your brand in each stage of the brand funnel. This approach allows us to measure the various aspects of your brand using different tools and techniques:

  • Awareness and consideration. With a great deal of visual support, respondents select the brands of their choice. We provide you with information on their behaviour closely resembling their decision making in the real world.
  • Image of the brand. We apply card-sort techniques to make real comparisons between brands using visual support.
  • Usage of the brand. By means of stimulation of the moment of choice, we are able to determine the different usage groups.
  • Memory and evaluation of communication. An important driver of success is the recall of ads combined with the evaluation. We use the same indicators for pre-testing and tracking, which makes this test easy to integrate in the entire process of continuous feedback.
  • Consumer profiles. Consumer profiles are necessary and used for segmentation purposes.

The health of your brand is measured at preset intervals, mainly quarters, using our global consumer panel, OPINION BAR© The results of our measurements are analyzed by using trend analyses and driver analyses to understand the position of the brand. To establish your brand position, we provide you with a direct benchmark on your competitive set. Actionable recommendations help you to improve your brand's health.

Your benefits

B-HEALTH© measures the performance of your brand over time, monitoring key indicators of the brand, the consumer and user and your communication. Assessing the impact of your marketing actions as well as the need for any additional marketing activities, MetrixLab offers you

  • an in-depth view of your brand's performance over time.
  • the effects of advertising and communications related to the position of your brand.
  • strategic and tactical input to improve your brand health.
  • feedback on how to optimize your position combined with a full driver analysis.
  • the opportunity to segment consumers into different user and evaluation groups.

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