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Ad Creative Test - ACT©

Make your creative work for you.

The impact a creative has on the results of your campaign is substantial. A good creative can by itself realize the objectives of the campaign, while a bad campaign can ruin your investment. Understanding why an ad does or doesn't work and receiving instant feedback for optimization just before placement or during a campaign are essential to benefiting the most from your communication budget. MetrixLab's Ad Creative Test or ACT© provides this feedback by means of a newly developed methodology based upon media consumption instead of forced exposure. ACT's inspirational report enables you to get the best out of your creativity.


Innovative advertising research methodologies and techniquesACT©, as developed by MetrixLab, differs significantly from other pre-tests in the market: It is the first test that is NOT based upon a forced exposure but upon real and realistic media behaviour. People watch television differently from the way they read a magazine or browse the Internet. A combination of new techniques and methodologies offers you a holistic picture. Our way of reporting not only diagnoses clearly the strengths and weaknesses of your ad, but also provides instant feedback as to how to optimize your ad. MetrixLab ACT© can be run within a short time frame.

Moreover, as we have performed pre-tests for a substantial number of advertisers, we are able to benchmark the performance of your ad on different levels against a selection from over 3.000 ads, both from your competitive set and relevant examples from other sectors. You will know exactly how your creative compares to the experience offered by your competitors. The benchmark will be used for comparison with an average and with a norm (top 20%).

Methodology and setup

ACT© addresses and puts into perspective all aspects of attention, memorability, possible reactions and brand effects. It provides you with a broad variety of information with regard to

  • Attention the combination of getting noticed and retaining the attention
    Attention is measured directly by using registration of viewing and reading behaviour in a natural environment of multiple ads combined with online eye-tracking and moment-to-moment evaluation.
  • Memory from Top of Mind brand awareness to aided recognition
    Memory measurements are based upon the way people store information in their memory.
  • Ad reactions divided into likeability, differentiation, understandability and credibility, relevancy and brand fit
    The set of questions is developed in close cooperation with the University of Groningen and takes into account different models of ad processing.
  • Possible brand effects from an increase in interest to taking action with regard to the brand
    In the end, an ad needs to increase interest in the brand or product. Whether and why this is the case will be examined thoroughly.

Full analyses and powerpoint reporting by MetrixLab consultantsWith ACT©, MetrixLab offers you a unique reporting method. The report provides an overall conclusion on the ad performance itself, but also per Key Performance Indicators. Furthermore, we provide you with specific tailor- made, in-depth diagnostics and the practical information you need to improve and optimize your creative. All findings are reviewed in a presentation in which the qualitative results are highlighted and actionable recommendations included.

Your benefits

MetrixLab's ACT© takes pre-testing to the next level by incorporating media behaviour and measurements based on unforced exposure. MetrixLab offers you:

  • instant and actionable feedback to optimize your ad.
  • a thorough understanding of all strengths and weaknesses of your ad.
  • reliable results with highly predictive value.
  • benchmarking of your test results.
  • high returns on your communication investments.

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