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Ad Campaign Evaluation - ACE©

How can you optimize your online advertising campaign?

Online advertising is increasingly important in the media mix of advertisers. We know click throughs are easy to measure, but what about the branding effect of a campaign? TV, print and other traditional media are measured regularly, but what about digital media? MetrixLab's Ad Campaign Evaluation (ACE©) gives you the full picture, as it evaluates the branding impact of a campaign by examining every single aspect of your campaign, like reach, frequency, ad evaluation and attention value. It provides clear learnings for a new medium and provides feedback to optimize current and new campaigns.


Measuring the brand impact of online campaignsMetrixLab designed ACE© to measure, analyse and ultimately improve the total brand and conversion impact of your online advertising campaign over time. ACE© is based upon innovative recruitment methodology and a tagging technology that enables us to determine exactly if and how many times people are exposed to a campaign. By combining a smart way of recruiting with online eye-tracking to measure attention directly, ACE© differs considerably from other products in the market: it takes into account the way online advertising works (like the random appearance of your ads online). What is more, ACE© measures the effects of online advertising in the same way as other media and not just directly after ad exposure, as is so very often the case in regular tracking. So, although founded on the common campaign-tracking approaches, ACE© was specifically developed for online advertising and covers more extensive metrics customized for the online environment. In short, the interactive questionnaire and the possibility to add attention as a variable makes ACE© stand out from other methods in the market.

With ACE©, your online campaign performance will be compared to other campaigns from your competitive set. This is achieved by using our global benchmark that consists of over 250 campaigns.

Methodology and setup

A representative sample of your target audience is randomly recruited from the visitors of the site where your ad is shown. As our tagging technology can identify the exposed respondents, we are able to divide the respondents into two groups. Both groups, those actually exposed and a control group, are asked to answer a validated set of questions. Their responses are then compared. It is important to realise that participants are not recruited at the same time the ad is shown, as is often the case with other methods in the market. A simultaneous sample of both groups enables us to isolate the contribution of an online campaign to the awareness and attitudes of consumers.Control – Exposed methodology using cookie based technology

ACE© is based on proprietary technology and runs simultaneously with your online ad campaign in order to assess advertising awareness, message recall, message association, trial intent, usage and brand image. Tracking your online advertising over time uncovers the net effects of your campaign and also provides feedback on what's working and what's not. Depending on the setup, the results include

  • the total Reach & Frequency distribution of a campaign, including an Effective Reach analysis.
  • effects on branding metrics, like brand/product awareness, message association, image and purchase intent, all per banner format, per combination of banners, per location/context and drilled down on user group(s) and on countries/markets.
  • frequency analysis.
  • creative performance in relation to a benchmark to see which ads or ad formats work best.
  • analysis of attention, enabling advertisers and agencies to differentiate between opportunity to see and certainty to see.

Your benefits

MetrixLab's ACE© stands out from other products in the market because it not only measures the effects of your campaign directly, but also provides you with the reasons for the measured effects.
MetrixLab offers you:

  • knowledge you require to optimize media and creation for future campaigns.
  • benchmarking to determine the competitive strength of your ad.
  • interactive questionnaires generating the highest quality data.
  • full analysis of attention.
  • comparison of results over different portals, channels, countries or markets.
  • clear results and actionable recommendations.

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