Brand, Media and Advertising Research

Brand, Media & Advertising Research

Continuous feedback to improve brand position and communication

Continous and actionable feedback before, during and after each step in the marketing and communication process is necessary to achieve the highest return on investments. In providing this feedback, MetrixLab distinguishes itself on the following:

Different tests for every stage

In every stage of brand and advertising development, different information is necessary, sometimes operational and at other times, more tactical or strategic. MetrixLab tests are developed to support each decision during the entire process. From pre-testing your creative to cross-media optimization, from establishing and improving your brand health to fine-tuning your online campaign, MetrixLab provides you with the insights to achieve a significant increase in the return on your investments.

For all media

360-degree advertising is no fiction for MetrixLab. MetrixLab Brand, Media & Advertising Research offers you an integrated view of all media, including TV, radio, print, online display, search advertising, outdoor advertising, sponsorships, dm and events.

Lifecycle Media & Advertising

Taking into account the way people consume media

All our solutions are based on measuring real media behaviour, as this detail is crucial to any successful tracking and optimization process. Forced exposure testing belongs to the past with the advent of our newly developed tools and methodologies.

Starting with the quality of the questionnaire

MetrixLab Brand, Media & Advertising Research integrates advanced quantitative with qualitative methods, tools and techniques to measure and compare the effects of the various media, your brand and advertising accomplishments and their mutual correlation. Integrating these tools into holistic research is the main reason that MetrixLab was awarded Best Research Agency of the Year.

With actionable dashboards and clear-cut recommendations

MetrixLab offers you not only the expertise and means to test and track your brand, advertising and media performance thoroughly, congruently and precisely from start to finish; we also give you the information you need, the way you need it. Our reports are clear-cut and to the point and contain results, findings and actionable recommendations on which you can build your success. Choose any of our M&A products and learn more about our approach.

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