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Shopper research

Shopper marketing has proven to have significant impact on the bottom line. With good reason, many companies have trade marketing and shopper research firmly embedded in their activities. In our vision, shopper research is about findings ways to activate the shopper to buy your product and ultimately helping you grow your business. We also believe that the key to successful shopper research is replicating reality as closely as possible in conjunction with ‘being there, capturing the moment’. To that end we offer virtual shelf and shopping simulation exercises integrated in online surveys as well as real-time in-store reporting through our smartphone app.

With our integral Shopper Research suite of methods and techniques, MetrixLab offers solutions for a broad range of shopper related business questions:

  1. Shopper Segmentation helps understand and segment consumers on their shopping needs and attitudes. It allows manufacturers to target specific shopper segments in the most relevant way and is the starting point for account specific offers, communications and promotions.

  2. Shopper Orientation and Decision Tree help understand the path to purchase, including:
  • Level of planning
  • Type of planning
  • Orientation activities
  • Store choice drivers
  • In-store influencers

The Decision Tree analysis replicates the shopping experience when in front of the shelf (or online store). Based on an out-of-stock game, the shopping behavior is used to derive the drivers of product choice in front of the shelf. The extracted information is used to optimize trade marketing plans, demonstrate category leadership and optimize the shelf.

3.  Assortment/Range Optimization is all about determining the optimum size and composition of a range at category or brand level.

We have a range of appropriate tools available, including:

  • Value Perception Test
  • TURF
  • Out-of-stock Game
  • MaxDiff
  • Shelf Buy Test

4.  Packaging, POS and Pricing: optimization of packaging and pricing can be among the most effective instruments for improving margins and contributing to the bottom line.

We have a range of appropriate tools available, including:

  • PACT Design Test
  • CBC Choice Based Conjoint
  • Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Measurer
  • POS Materials evaluation