Innovation and Shopper Research

Inspiration and validation throughout the NPD process

Market Exploration

Identifying growth opportunities in the market

It is an undisputed fact: business growth requires knowledge. A profound understanding of the market can only be reached through insights in category drivers and barriers in relation to your strengths and weaknesses. Only then can you start uncovering opportunities for growth.


By exploring consumers’ behaviours, attitudes, motivations as well as needs, wants and frustrations, MetrixLab Marketing & Innovation helps uncover growth opportunities and ignite sparks for innovative ideas. With our innovative and creative exploration research solutions, we provide you with in-depth consumer insights by combining high-end, innovative qualitative and quantitative survey tools in an online environment. Our services include:


Online Qualitative Research – Visual inspiration and insights
Our online qualitative research methods serve to provide rich visual insights and inspiration Online Qualitative Research may include the use of:

  • Online digital moodboard to explore emotions
  • Laddering techniques to uncover needs, wants and frustrations
  • Projective cloud questions to uncover attitudes and perceptions
  • Online creative diaries (also available as a mobile app for iPhone and Android) to visualize and gain a deep understanding of real life behaviour and trends
  • Natural grouping techniques to uncover category drivers and barriers

Usage & Attitude Studies – Exploration made fun
Usage & Attitude studies tend to come with long and tedious questionnaires. Not so at MetrixLab. Here, we use the Internet to its fullest advantage, with interactive survey techniques – similar to those used by online stores and gaming sites – to create engaging surveys that offer a pleasant experience. After all, the quality of the questionnaire not only influences the validity of the data, it also increases the willingness of respondents to participate in future research. Usage & Attitude Research may include the use of:

  • An online diary to capture self-reported behaviours
  • A mobile (iPhone or Android) diary for on-the-go / in-the-moment behaviour and observations
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Occasion/need based segmentation based on 5W questions (Who, What, Where, When and Why)
  • Engaging quantitative survey techniques such as visual drag & drop and image picker questions (we avoid the usage of grid style questions, for these have been proven to be real respondent killers)
  • The option for participants to upload pictures to illustrate behaviours
  • The option to integrate qualitative techniques

Co-Creation - Structured creativity for new ideas
At MetrixLab, we have developed a structured creative co-creation space online that stimulates participants to generate ideas and solutions that meet their needs and address their wants and frustrations. To this end, we apply a suite of creative online brainstorm techniques in a visually attractive and motivating environment. Online co-creation in its fullest form is a three-step process:

  • First, we explore and uncover ‘platform’ ideas. These are the broader issues that are relevant to the future of a specific category or brand. that serve as springboards for innovation
  • Next, we use a variety of online brainstorm techniques that lead to the generation of hundreds and hundreds of ideas for new products or services
  • Finally, these ideas are combined, screened and optimized.

At the end of the process you will have a set of ideas straight from the consumer hearts and minds, ready to be taken into the next stage of development. MetrixLab offers dedicated workshops following the different stages to encourage and enrich the co-creative process of idea generation, filtering and evaluation.

Community – You and your customer, partners in business

Our advanced community programs provide an inspiring online environment for active three-way consumer involvement. These online communities enable you to effortlessly connect with your target group members, get to know them, share information and reach out to get their perspectives on your business issues. Of great value is the opportunity for community members to also interact among themselves. Communities can be set up for a limited time period (e.g. for the duration of a campaign) or on a more permanent basis. In addition to online desktop access, MetrixLab offers these programs with a mobile app (iPhone & Android) for on-the-go experience sharing. Elements typically included in our community programs are:

  • Quick polls
  • Discussion groups / threads
  • Qualitative exploratory surveys (e.g. using online moodboards, visual profiling tools, diaries, picture assignments or projective techniques)
  • Quantitative validating surveys (e.g. on brand, innovation, promotion, attitudinal, experience)
  • Online co-creation (using online brainstorm techniques)

Needless to say, every single program is designed to fit your specific needs and research objectives.

Your benefits

MetrixLab offers you a full suite of Market Exploration tools that deliver deeper, better, richer and more complete insights in your customers’ behaviours, attitudes, motivations, needs, wants and frustrations. To this end, we present our respondents with highly engaging and motivating surveys and assignments. But we don’t stop there: you can count on us to help you turn insights into specific plans to evolve, innovate and further grow your business or brand.

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