Innovation and Shopper Research

Inspiration and validation throughout the NPD process

In-Store Activation

Winning at the place of purchase

Every good product deserves the best possible start. MetrixLab helps you win at the place of purchase by giving you the input to maximize the power of your pack design and take the appropriate steps to activate customers to buy your product.

Pack design research

Packaging is all about making sure your product stands out from the shelf, is easy to find, communicates the relevant brand promise and product benefits, is credible and intelligible and outranks your competition, all within the blink of an eye. MetrixLab offers a tailored and customized holistic perspective with evaluative and diagnostic qualitative and quantitative feedback on the performance of your pack design, addressing every phase your customer goes through during the in-store purchase process: search-consider-evaluate-decide. Read More

Shopper research

Shopper marketing has proven to have significant impact on the bottom line. With good reason, many companies have trade marketing and shopper research firmly embedded in their activities. In our vision, shopper research is about findings ways to activate the shopper to buy your product and ultimately helping you grow your business. We also believe that the key to successful shopper research is replicating reality as closely as possible in conjunction with ‘being there, capturing the moment’. To that end we offer virtual shelf and shopping simulation exercises integrated in online surveys as well as real-time in-store reporting through our smartphone app. Read More